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Canada's Dirty Little Secret

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Quebec - Canada

Where equal rights is radical concept

In Quebec, the formerly "belle" province, one of the three main political parties has proposed further restricting the rights
of Canadians living in Quebec. This is on top of existing racist laws which discriminate based on language. Seems its not enough
the last bunch of bigoted laws convinced 800,000 people (and counting) to leave, wrecking the provincial economy and in turn
making this one of the highest taxed juristrictions in North America. Nope, loosing in the polls, got to play "us against them".


Below, are three news articles from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC - the Canadian governments' news service),
outlining the positions of the major political parties. I'll attempt to translate each at the end of the article - from political gibberish.

Quebec Government - Quebec Liberal Party

In the above story Jean Charest,Premier of Quebec, states he doubts Rene Levesque (founder of the separatist Parti
 Quebecois) would have approved of creating two classes of citizens. An astounding Orwellism, as that's exactly what he
(Levesque) did.  An interesting point (omitted by the CBC), was Charest's statement that all Quebecers are free to live
and work - in French. Apparently living and working in other languages aren't rights - they are privileges.
Including English, the language of the majority of Canadians. That is a Quebec fact.

Parti Quebecios - Pauline Marois

Can you believe the title of that article? When was the last time you heard of someone blasted for a letter on tolerance?
You thought when George Orwell was mentioned I was engaging in hyperbole? Note the response from the unions (FTQ),
not wanting to treat other Canadians the same as immigrants. Note - to French-Canadians living in Quebec, remember:

You are the descendants of immigrants! All Canadians (and Americans) are. The only Quebec natives are:


My apologies to any of the First Nations missed. If you believe you should be treated differently under the law because
of an accident of birth - you are a bigot! The only possible exceptions should be the above list. We owe them, and that is
a Quebec fact!

ADQ - Mario Dumont
Government of Canada (other federal parties)

Note Mario Dumonts problem with the bill isn't the repression of rights, it is how to go about it. Federal opposition was united
against the proposed bill, however, the Canadian government remains silent. Is Stephen Harper joining the list of Canadian Prime
Ministers willing to sell out Canadians living in Quebec, pandering to Quebec nationalists*, for electoral gain? The following list
of "leaders" allowed the rights of Canadians to be repressed (for whatever reason) - excluding one year wonders:

Jean Cretien (Liberal Party)
Brian Mulroney (Conservative Party)
Pierre Trudeau (Liberal Party)

As Stephen Harper is a Conservative, you can see it really doesn't matter which of the two major parties a Canadian living in
Quebec votes for, plus ca change (nothing changes). Another Quebec fact.

* Jacques Parizeau, a former Premier of Quebec, once remarked (with his Cheshire cat grin) he was a "social nationalist". How
come no one asked Jacques "Exactly what is the difference between social nationalist and national socialist".

Superior Council on the French Language
 - note the "superior",
when "council" just won't do

This one is surreal, here we have the head of an organization saying the Government of Quebec can't do exactly what
 the Government of Quebec does thru the use of repressive language laws and the "language police" with their anony-
mous "rat" reporting process (if someone lodges a complaint - you'll never now who your accuser is - even in court).
 These"laws" are over 30 years old! A disgusting Quebec fact!

Affiliation Quebec - Allen Nutik
Address by
 Allen E. Nutik

to Language Fairness
Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 13/07

 AffiliationQuébec: Notes on Quebec & Partition

 For at least two generations, now, Quebec's nationalists and separatists have monopolized and controlled the Canadian agenda with their “ought to be illegal”, 'Question nationale', more commonly referred to as the issue of Quebec separation. This agenda must eventually be put to rest! And it cannot come too soon for Canada, which is hurting seriously from this divisive and never-ending conflict. More than two million staunch and loyal Canadians live under the political uncertainty of Quebec, while Federal party leaders openly compete to appease our nationalist/separatist factions in order to buy their votes, so either party can form a majority Canadian Government, which historically cannot be achieved without about 50 seats from inhabited by the separatist Bloc Quebecois. Why? So is it as unwitting appeasers, they can give Quebec even more cash and transfer of powers that the eventual separation of our neighbouring province just over the bridge COULD become an inevitable reality? They may be our national politicians, but nobody ever said they were smart, a fact they insist on proving all too regularly.

 We Quebecers, Francophone, Anglophone, Allophone, aboriginal, we mostly thought we lived IN Canada, in a province our ancestors and we, contributed significantly to building, practicing reasonable accommodation with all our neighbours, paying our taxes, and being good citizens. In reality, we live under a Quebec regime of “state sanctioned discrimination”, and worse, to which, Federalist parties have eagerly and shamefully acquiesced. And on a personal level, the intolerance and open racism, too frequently expressed before the ever-ongoing Bouchard Taylor Commission, without any serious refutation up to now, is a truly disgraceful public display! Who knew? If Premier Jean Charest and his liberal party, deservedly on its way to political destruction, did NOT know…then it definitely should have known that it was opening a Pandora's box full of such ugly proportions, that AffiliationQuebec is holding Mr. Charest and the Liberal Party fully responsible for pandering to the worst nationalist elements in Quebec, and for fomenting the latest silly season round of racist feelings, of which the other nationalist parties in Quebec are and have been fully prepared to take full advantage. The silence and complicity of the Anglo and minority members of the Quebec Liberal Party performing against the interests of the voters who have elected them is unconscionable, and leads to the false belief that some kind of language peace and abrogation of rights rapprochement has been attained. Not where I live!

 Perhaps, and I say this advisedly, the time has come for all Canadians across the country, to call loudly for the partition of Quebec, if necessary, but not necessarily partition, so the separatists may perhaps establish their ill-gotten independent state, and be gone from the daily lives of democratic loving, full rights enjoying, Canadians, if as disaffected Quebecers, they are unable to find an adequate modus vivendi, which definitely seems to be the case. Greater minds than I, you can be assured, will work out the full details of citizenship, territory, exact boundaries, division of national debt, assets, pensions, a new name if necessary, and the myriad of other details implicit in such a divorce, should it become the case. Once complete, the rest of us can get on with our happy and productive and tolerant Canadian lives in the bilingual, respectful, welcoming, and loyal to Canada, altered Quebec Province, where we…. proud Québécois, Native and Aboriginal people, Anglophones, Allophones, and immigrants, all part of this huge "minorities" of Quebec, où on peut vivre ensemble, en paix, en fraternité, dans un nouveau partenariat des gens vivant ensemble, dans une esprit d'enrichissement collectif et personel.

 Loyal Canadians in Quebec have been abandoned not only by our Federal parties and politicians in Ottawa, but by most of our own English language media, and here I single out the erstwhile Montreal Gazette, in whose pages the name of AffiliationQuebec rarely appears in any major or significant way, the National Post, the English service of the CBC, and the others, who know very well who they are, who have clearly failed to uphold the fight to respect our constitutionally entrenched rights, and the political activists who relentlessly pursue those honourable ends. Why do they want to block our important and just message, I ask them? What is so fearful about a blatantly Canadian oriented provincial party that stands up for individual rights, and remaining Canadian in a very turbulent and unsettled Quebec? What is so sacrosanct about the Quebec Liberal Party that it bears unquestioned protection in some media, despite having grievously misrepresented and sold out so many of its’ Quebec voters interests?

 The nationalists must no longer be permitted to control the agenda! And as long as AffiliationQuebec is on the scene, I can assure you that we will permit no quarter to unsubstantiated Quebec nationalist claim, nor failure of response to any implied threat. And we, staunch and loyal Canadians in Quebec… we must not permit ourselves to be, nor to become the victims of this misdirected nationalism based on revisionist historical fact.

 AffiliationQuébec… nous appuyons la Langue Française, nous supportons la culture Québécoise, on respecte l'empiètement dans la Constitution Canadienne des droits des Canadiens Français… mais on exige que les droits des minorités soient également respectés. There is nothing in the AffiliationQuebec program that is unfriendly to the Québécois enterprise except for two subjects: The separation of Quebec from Canada… and 2) The abrogation of any minority right. If not.... We, loyal Canadians do have our Plan B...and that, of course, is the basic concept of Partition if necessary, but NOT necessarily partition. And let me make this abundantly clear…. it is NOT our first choice to divide and partition the Province of Quebec. Separation in whatever form is NOT our agenda This is a “Plan B”, a reaction and alternative to the shambles that Canada’s leaders have created by NOT specifying and enforcing the integrity of our land, from the far north, to the bays and forests of Quebec.

 Through their absences and omissions, it has become incumbent on the citizens who believe unquestionably in the validity and future of our country, to create the required new political structures that will bring pressures to bear in order to correct the weaknesses that threaten to tear us asunder. Do NOT believe for a moment, what you have heard from the pundits, my friends, that the menace of separation is dead! It may have touched a temporary low it its cycle, but I do promise you that the push for Quebec separation is far from dead! As the PQ and the Bloc, and other nationalist/separatist organizations like Les Jeunes Patriots du Quebec, Imperatif francais, and the Mouvement Montreal Francais ratchet up their latest versions of anti Anglo and minority rhetoric, it is their clear intention to divide, threaten, and frighten us in order to hasten our departure from Quebec, so they can create the “winning conditions” for the inevitable next referendum on separation. Old age, dying, and the continuing departure of any Quebecer who would vote “NO”, they think, is the ticket to separation in this demographics driven game. And, they are not wrong. And through all of this, the Charest Liberals and ADQ support them by their silence and complicity. It is time for us to speak out and protest our unjustified loss of rights, or else come to accept the vile indignities the ultra-nationalists, resident in most Quebec political parties, across the public service, and especially in positions of public policy, have and will continue to heap on us.

 We have ceased to be full citizens of Canada, let alone of Quebec. We are held hostage in a Quebec of abrogated rights and hostile feelings. The openly contentious situation in Quebec underscores the formation of AffiliationQuebec, this new political party established to pursue the full rights and interests of staunch Canadians living in Quebec. The framework is here…. but we need more…so we call on you, our friends outside of Quebec, for your moral support, influential endorsement, and ultimately, financial encouragement, to help us to build the walls and roof of our very own political enterprise, constructed in the valid endeavour to regain our precious rights, and to save our wonderful country. 

Contact: Allen E Nutik Leader/Chef AffiliationQuebec

Affiliation Quebec is a new polical entity in Quebec striving to reach official party status. Once accomplished, it will be
the only political party in Quebec to recognize equal rights. A radical concept in Quebec, we hear its all the rage
elsewhere. If you believe equality is the foundation of any just society and you live in Quebec you owe it to yourself to get
involved! You can find more information at the official Affiliation Quebec site. Remember, silence is acquiecense!

That's a Quebec Fact

Affiliation Quebec is Official

Affiliation Quebec is now the ONLY official political party in Quebec to recognize that individual rights are paramount
in any just democratic society. All the other Quebec "official" parties think in terms of "group rights" (ie. mob rule -
pandering to the lowest common denominator).  Get off your collective red Canadian butts and defend individual rights
by attending the:

Affiliation Quebec


Rally for "Rights"

 Rassemblement pour les "droits"

AffiliationQuebec is pleased to present a free public "Rally for "Rights", on Sunday afternoon, March 02, 2008 at 2:00 PM, at: Hotel Ruby Foos, 7655 Decarie Boulevard, at Pare. Metro Namur, adjacent; free parking (Please click here for full bilingual event flyer).Featured speakers as of this moment include: rights activist, Howard Galganov; rights lawyer, Brent Tyler; and AffiliationQuebec Leader, Allen Nutik.

This will be the first of a planned series of open "rights" meetings to be presented by AffiliationQuebec, an "official" Quebec political party formed to represent the full rights and interests of loyal Canadians living in Quebec.Following the speeches, there will be an open question and answer period, followed by the formation of riding associations to take place in the adjoining coffee shop.

According to AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik, "The recent upgraded activism of Quebec nationalists and separatists along with the unmistakable failure of the Charest Liberals to represent and speak for Quebec's minorities, Allophones and Anglophones requires a clear response and alternative for disenfranchised voters, especially in the greater Montreal region."

"That alternative," emphasises Nutik, "is AffiliationQuebec, and the valid reason for which we created the party".

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

If your "lost" rights in Quebec have any significance for you, it is important that you attend this rally! 

Si les droits "abrogés" au Québec sont importants pour vous, il sera utile que vous soyez avec nous pour ce rassemblement instructif!

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